Welcome to the SYRINX website

We are excited about your interest in our association. "We" are a group of experienced and prospective flute instructors as well as flautists of all ages and levels - beginners, advanced, students, professors and amateurs - as well as avid listeners and enthusiasts of the flute, with its wonderfully bright, and warm sound and the beautiful literature.

We offer a platform for all interested to meet, exchange, discuss, study and inform themselves about new trends and tendencies in the flute world. It is also possible to place flute-related information on our website so that it may reach a wider public. And of course, this site offers you a way to keep up to date with concerts and courses etc.

We organize an annual Flute Festival with a focus on flute instruction from various perspectives (performance, instruction, listening - from the perspectives of students, teachers and listeners). Attendees also have the opportunity to view and try out music supplies and instruments once a year.

We invite you to browse our website, attend our events, and become a member of the Society for the Sponsorship and continuing Education of Flutists, SYRINX!